Acknowledgments and Appreciation; Disclaimer

GratitudeWe would like to gratefully acknowledge the work of the Death Café movement, which has been a fundamental inspiration for the creation of the Thanatology Café model. While the two models differ significantly in many ways, the Death Café movement in the UK under the leadership of Jon Underwood and his colleagues, in Central Europe, and the United States and Canada has been an innovative and much-needed wake-up call to all practitioners in thanatology to get down to the grassroots level and to involve the very people we are serving in fundamental discussions about their interests and concerns.

The Death Café movement has provided an important stimulus to thanatologists around the world to leave our ivory towers and our offices and communicate with the persons, whom we are called to assist. With the generous help and support of our colleagues, readers, participants, and sponsors Thanatology Café intends to expand upon that fine contribution to death awareness.

The structure, guidelines, organization, and operation of Thanatology Café is substantially different from that of Death Café. While Thanatology Café currently serves a somewhat circumscribed region in central New York state — the counties of Schenectady, Albany, Rensselaer and Greene — it will very likely expand within a short time.

Death Café organizers and events, having been operating since about 2004,  are naturally more widespread, and can be found in many major cities throughout the United States; there is no good reason why Thanatology Café and Death Café should not be in every major city in the United States; we encourage persons and groups interested in attending a Death Café event or in organizing one in their locale to contact the Death Café main site at or to contact Jon Underwood in the UK at Likewise, we strongly encourage interested persons and groups to join Thanatology Café by contacting us at

We would like to thank Mr Underwood and Death Café for their generous support in providing the lovely Freehand 575 BT font, a number of graphics, and an organizational model for this movement.

While we share common goals and objectives, Thanatology Café is based on a different model and is not associated with Death Café or its organizers, and is a separate, autonomous undertaking; Thanatology Café supports the efforts of the Death Café movement in locations where it is established as of this date and is not in competition with that movement in those locations.

Of course, we always invite your critiques, comments, recommendations and, naturally, your participation either as a guest or co-facilitator or host. Please contact us at

Chaplain Harold W. Vadney
Principal Facilitator
Thanatology Café